FAQ Equestro Dressage Saddles

Frequently asked questions about Equestro saddles answered by oursaddlery.com

FAQ Equestro saddles: Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Equestro saddles. From fit and sizing to care and maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Learn about the different types of Equestro saddles available and the features that set them apart. Discover how to properly measure for a perfect fit and get tips for keeping your Equestro saddles in top condition. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, our comprehensive guide has something for everyone.

Frequently asked questions about Equestro Dressage Saddles

What materials are Equestro saddles made from?

Equestro saddles are typically made from high-quality leather.

How do I properly fit an Equestro saddle to my horse?

To properly fit an Equestro saddle to your horse, it is important to have a professional saddle fitter come out to measure your horse and ensure that the saddle fits correctly. The saddle should sit level on the horse’s back, and the panels should be in contact with the horse’s back evenly. Take a look at our size guide page.

What is the warranty or return policy for Equestro saddles?

The warranty or return policy for Equestro saddles may vary depending on the retailer or distributor, it’s recommended to check with the seller.

How can I care for and maintain my Equestro saddle?

To care for and maintain your Equestro saddle, it is important to clean it regularly with a leather cleaner and conditioner. The leather should also be oiled regularly to keep it supple. It’s also important to store the saddle in a cool, dry place and to avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or moisture.

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