Size Guide – Saddles

Whether you’re looking for a dressage saddle, a jumping saddle, or an event saddle; we’ve got it!

We understand that it might be hard for you to find the perfect saddle all by yourself, let us help you! We have a great team of specialists willing to find the perfect fit for you and your horse. There are a lot of possibilities for an online saddle consult.

Are you in doubt about the fit of your current saddle? Read our blog to detect early signs that your saddle might be due for replacement. Still not sure about the fit of your current saddle? Contact us, our experts are happy to help!

Step 1: What information do we need

To give you our best service, we need some information about you and your horse.
Please email us with the following information. Please try to answer the questions as accurately as possible, and add some photos of your horse.

  • What discipline do you ride, and how often do you ride?
  • What breed is your horse?
  • What is your horse’s build and height?
  • How old is your horse?
  • What is your own build (height and weight)?
  • What saddle do you have now (brand and model), and how does that fit you and your horse?
  • What sort of saddle are you looking for? Do you maybe have a brand or a budget in mind?
  • Is there any further information that would seem relevant for us?

Also, please let us know in what country you live.
If possible, it is very helpful if you attach some photos or videos of you / your horse as well.

Step 2: How will we get in touch with you

After we’ve received your email, we will contact you as soon as possible. We will provide you with some advice. If any more information is needed, we will first ask for additional information. There are many possibilities for the type of consult, depending on your preference!

  • E-mail
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • Videocall

Step 3: When you’ve found the prefect saddle

 After selecting the preferred saddle, it will be ordered and shipped to your address!

We offer saddlery by multiple high-quality brands, for example: Prestige, Equipe, Erreplus, Euroriding, Kentaur, Tech 1, Childéric, Albion, Wintec, and Anatomica.

√ Production time of 8 to 12 weeks;
√ Delivered worldwide within 1 week after production;
√ Free express shipping worldwide;
√ 14 day trial period for all saddles;
√ High quality;
√ Specialist advise.


A large section of our saddles is available from stock, which means they will certainly be delivered within 1 week after the order is placed. If the saddle is not in stock, we will order it for you. The production time of the saddles is 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the brand, therefore your saddle will be delivered within 9 to 13 weeks.