The Evolve memory foam half pad is the newest half pad on the market. The Evolve half pad has a very nice design, focusing on reducing the shocks on the horse’s back. Which is very important. The saddle pad has multiple layers.

The first layer which is situated on the top of the half pad is made out of Equi suede. This a very soft material that prevents scratching on the saddle, and it is also non-slip. Because of this, the saddle pad has a very suitable fit that won’t move from underneath the saddle. The pad also has a very elegant look because of the cord that goes around the edges.

The second layer is the memory foam layer. Memory foam reacts to the body heat of the horse. Because of that, it will form itself on the horse’s back. The pad is because of this very suitable for all saddles and horses. Memory foam has a very important property: Shock-absorption. Our experts have tested these pads with a pressure measuring device, and the Evolve Memory foam pad has a whopping shock absorption of 35%.

Underneath the memory foam layer is a 3D mesh. The 3D mesh layer ensures that the mesh is very breathable. Even though there are multiple layers. The half pad is still very breathable because of the mesh layer.

The bottom layer of the Evolve memory foam half pad is made of frictionless fleece. Frictionless fleece won’t fold. Because of that, the half pad will stay in the right place. Frictionless fleece is a very soft and very strong material.

All those layers ensure that the evolve memory foam pad is very comfortable for both horses and riders.

The Evolve half pad is available in the colors black and white. The half pad is also available in size full, which is suitable for a saddle with the sizes 17”, 17,5”, and 18”.

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