Double bridle Premiere Lyon

EUR € 119.95

٧ High-quality leather;
٧ U-shaped browband;
٧ Padded headpiece and noseband;
٧ Sizes Cob and Full;
٧ Lives up to high standards.

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Double bridle Premiere Lyon

This Premiere Lyon bridle is a fancy and budget-proof bridle. The bridle has fancy white stitching on the brow- and noseband. The bridle Premiere is made of good quality and strong leather and has soft padding underneath the nose-, browband, and headpiece to offer optimal comfort for the horse. The bridle has stainless steel buckles. The bridle comes with reins made of cotton web band with leather stops and ends.

٧ Fancy and budget-proof;
٧ Good quality leather;
٧ Soft padding underneath the nose-, browband, and headpiece;
٧ Stainless steel buckles;
٧ Comes with cotton web band reins;
٧ Pretty and budget-proof, Première.

Premiere is a worldwide brand and is known for its good quality products, but still budget-proof. Premiere has a wide range of products.

Leather care

To keep your bridle in the best shape possible, you need to treat it frequently. Take a look at our leather care products here!

Additional information





Color - Buckles

Stainless Steel



Anatomical headpiece




Reins included


Type of bridle

Weymouth Bridle


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