Saddle care –Good to know!

Taking good care of your saddle is necessary to keep the quality and preserve functional properties of the saddle for as long as possible.

Sweat is one of leather’s greatest enemies. It draws the moisture from the leather and makes it dry and brittle. That is why it is important to have a good cleaning and nourishing routine. In this blog we will tell you all about it!

Tip: Always make sure you check the label of a product before cleaning your saddle. Some products are not meant for regular use.

Warning: This blog is only intended for leather saddles. If your saddle is made out of suede of synthetic material, please do not use this routine.  Contact us for further information.

What do you need?

When do you use particular caring products?


1. Preparation

Be sure your saddle is on a stable surface. We recommend using a saddle rack.

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2. Cleaning

Use a cleaner to remover dirt from your saddle. Take a bucket of lukewarm water and dip your sponge into it. Make sure you squeeze the sponge until it’s almost dry. Then put a small amount of cleaner on the sponge. Make sure you clean all parts of the saddle. Do not forget the panels on the bottom of the saddle.

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3. Nursing

Nourish your saddle with a leather cream. Take a clean sponge and put a generous amount of cream on it. Make sure you rub the cream well into the whole saddle.

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4. Let it rest.

Let the cream soak for 10 to 15 minutes.

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5. Time to shine!

Polish your saddle with a soft cotton towel for some extra shine!

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6. Storage

When storing your saddle, we advise the use of a saddle cover. This prevents your saddle from outer damage and dirt.

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Intensive nourishing routine

We recommend to nourish your saddle with a saddle oil twice a year. A Saddle oil will deeply nourish your saddle. You can use a brush for applying the oil to the saddle. The bottle of oil can be used in one go until it is completely empty. By applying the oil to a saddle with buffalo leather, the suede look alike leather will gradually change into looking like smooth leather. This is completely normal. It will fade when the saddle has absorbed the oil completely.

Recommended product: E-Tech saddle care kit 

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