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Frequently asked questions about Reins answered by oursaddlery.com

FAQ Reins: Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Reins. From fit and sizing to care and maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Learn about the different types of Reins available and the features that set them apart. Discover how to properly measure for a perfect fit and get tips for keeping your Reins in top condition. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, our comprehensive guide has something for everyone.

Frequently asked questions about Reins

Why do you have reins while horseback riding?

The rein serves to transmit the signs you give with your hand to the horse through the bit. A good rider’s hand is of the utmost importance. A firm and independent seat is a prerequisite for a good hand.

What types; of riding reins are there?

There are two types of reins: auxiliary reins and regular reins. Ordinary reins come in various types such as non-slip reins, rubber tiles, cotton reins, leather reins, round-sewn reins, and braided reins. Which kind of rein suits you and your horse depend entirely on your preference and horse.

How do I best hold my horseback riding reins?

You hold the reins in a fist, with the rein passing from below between your pinky and ring finger. Your thumb lies on top to prevent the reins from slipping out of your hands.

What brands of reins are sold among others?

The brands such as Equipe, Dy’on, and Harry’s Horse. These are the most well-known brands when we talk about reins.

Can you clean horse reins?

First clean the harness with a cloth or sponge using a leather cleaner, separating the parts so that you also clean the nooks and crannies. While cleaning, you remove the dirt and grease and open the pores of the leather, in order to feed the leather afterward with a care product.

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