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FAQ Half Pads: Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Half Pads. From fit and sizing to care and maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Learn about the different types of Half Pads available and the features that set them apart. Discover how to properly measure for a perfect fit and get tips for keeping your Half Pads in top condition. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, our comprehensive guide has something for everyone.

Frequently asked questions about Half Pads

What types of saddle pads are there?

There are several types of saddle pads, made of different materials. For example, there are saddle pads made of gel (gel pad), soft-gel pads, fur pads, and pads with slow foam (memory foam). Saddle pads made of gel are resistant to extreme conditions and loads.

Why do you use a saddle pad?

It is always important to have a saddle that fits your horse properly. A saddle pad is not a solution for an ill-fitting saddle, but if a saddle is just a little too wide for your horse, a saddle pad can provide a little extra padding between the horse’s back and the saddle.

What does a saddle pad do?

Saddle pads help distribute your weight across your horse’s back, eliminating sensitive pressure points, which is more comfortable for your horse. Have you ever ridden a horse where it was difficult to feel the sides of the horse’s back?

What to consider when buying a half pad?

If you plan to buy a half pad, make sure the half pad is breathable. Otherwise, the half pad will only heat up the horse’s back.

How do you wash a saddle pad?

Our half pads are easy to wash. You remove the foam inserts from the pad and wash the cover at 30 degrees. Let the cover air dry completely before refilling it.

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