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Are you looking for the perfect equestrian saddle pad?

Our Saddlery, the online equestrian saddles experts, are proud to be the leading supplier of quality saddles and equipment in Europe. We carry a range of saddle pads for every style and preference. From classical dressage saddle pads, to jumping saddle pads and all-purpose saddle pads, to professional eventing saddle pads. All our equestrian saddle pads are crafted to provide a comfortable fit and to keep your horse comfortable and secure during your ride. Our saddle pads are designed with the latest technology and fabrics, so you can enjoy the best performance on your horse. We also offer a variety of accessories, from brushing boots to grooming and traveling bags. Whether you’re an experienced rider or just getting started, you can trust Our Saddlery for all your equestrian saddle pad needs. With our extensive selection of products and unbeatable customer service, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect saddle pad for you and your horse. Browse our collection today and benefit from our expertise when it comes to equestrian saddle pads.

What types of saddle pads are available?

There are various types of saddle pads available, such as cotton, sheepskin, wool, and fleece. Each type is designed to protect the horse’s back while providing extra cushioning and comfort.

For equestrian riders, saddle pads are an essential item of equipment. Whether a horse is ridden for pleasure or for competition, a saddle pad provides comfort and support for the rider. It can also help to protect the horse's back from the pressure of the saddle. At Our Saddlery, we offer a range of saddle pads from leading brands including LeMieux, Kentucky, PS of Sweden and Vincere. Our saddle pads are durable and comfortable and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. All of our pads are quilted and breathable, helping to keep the horse cool and dry. Our saddle pads are made from high-quality materials, including waffle weaves, polycotton and waterproof fabrics, and are designed to last season after season. With superior cushioning and an anti-slip backing, our range of saddle pads offer superior protection and comfort for both horse and rider.

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