Jumping saddle Erreplus GTD (EU only)

USD $ 5,418.00

٧ Central deep seat;
٧ Adjustable tree;
٧ Perfect for the modern horse;
٧ Panels filled with synthetic wool;
٧ Made with Erreplus’ expertise and vision.

With every Erreplus saddle purchase, you will receive one bottle of Erreplus leather cleaner, one container of Erreplus leather balm, and a matching saddle cover worth €109.95 for free.

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Please mind that this model is only available for European customers. For US customers, we would like to refer to our other available brands and models!

Jumping saddle Erreplus GTD (EU only)

Erreplus saddles are handmade with Italian leather. This leather is known for its high quality and flexibility. This Erreplus jumping saddle differs from other jumping saddles because the balance point of the saddle is set farther back. This ensures a greater position for the rider while jumping. The saddle has a big seat that is equipped with shock-absorbing foam. This makes the saddle very comfortable for both rider and horse. Lastly, this nice jumping saddle has an adjustable tree. Also, the panels are filled with synthetic wool. This makes it possible for a saddle fitter to create a good fit on different horses.

٧ Central deep seat;
٧ Adjustable tree;
٧ Perfect for the modern horse;
٧ Panels filled with synthetic wool;
٧ Made with Erreplus’ expertise and vision.

Our saddlery has experienced specialists who are willing to help you by choosing the best saddle for you and your horse. Please contact us for more information.

Contact us if you want to customize this saddle.

The GTD saddle has multiple customization options. You can choose between a big or a small knee roll. A big knee roll creates more support while jumping. A small knee roll gives the rider more freedom of movement. You can also choose an adjustable knee roll with Velcro. In this way, you can determine how and where the knee roll is attached. Besides, you can choose the color of the front- and rear piping. The GTD logo is also available in different colors: Grey, Black, and Pink Gold. Furthermore, the saddle can be ordered with SL Panels. SL Panels create more shoulder freedom for the horse.

Erreplus is an Italian saddle brand that originated with Roberto Rasia. He believed that a horse, rider, and the right saddle should be a perfect match. To achieve this, Erreplus believes, a whole team of experts, champions and technicians, should give a voice to a perfect dialogue that indissolubly links the life of the horse and his rider. Therefore, Erreplus is mainly known through its top rider ambassadors, who help improve the products daily.

Leather care

To keep your saddle in the best shape possible, you need to treat it frequently. Take a look at our leather care products here!

The Erreplus leather cleaner is the only cleaner that contains an acidity regulator to restore the neutral pH of the leather. The cleaner will give your tack a thorough clean, whilst maintaining the leather quality.
The Erreplus leather balsam is designed to respect natural leathers, maintain the leather’s pigmentation, and ensure proper maintenance of the saddle for a long time.

With every Erreplus saddle purchase, you will receive one bottle of leather cleaner, one container of leather balsam, and a matching saddle cover worth €109.95 for free.

Customization options

Erreplus offers multiple customization options.

٧ Flap projections;
٧ Knee rolls (big, small or adjustable);
٧ Length saddle flaps;
٧ Front and rear piping color;
٧ Color stirrup leather loops.

Please contact us for more information!


Erreplus provides saddles of meticulous, hand-crafted Italian work. Due to their attention to detail, this saddle qualifies for the standard Erreplus warranty policy.

٧ Erreplus saddle trees have a lifetime warranty for breakage while subject to normal usage and conditions (not including accidents).

٧ Erreplus provides 2 years of warranty on leather parts and stitching.

Additional information




Black, Cacao, Dark brown

Saddle flaps

Double saddle flaps

Seat size

17", 18"

Tree size



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