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FAQ Other Bridle Parts: Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Other Bridle Parts. From fit and sizing to care and maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Learn about the different types of Other Bridle Parts available and the features that set them apart. Discover how to properly measure for a perfect fit and get tips for keeping your Other Bridle Parts in top condition. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, our comprehensive guide has something for everyone.

Frequently asked questions about Other Bridle Parts

Why is wearing an ear muff important for your horse?

Because the ears are one of the most sensitive parts of a horse, it is important to protect them properly. A fly veil prevents your horse from getting irritated and shaking his head while insects buzz around him. This provides extra concentration and definitely comes in handy during a competition.

What size Fly Veils do I need?

If you are unsure about the size of a fly hood, measure the length of the ears and from outside the ear to the outside of the ear. Measure the length of the ears at the front. For a long model, measure from the ear to where the attachment comes. To the point where the ear cap should sit.

Are there any Fly veils that are noise-dampening?

Neoprene has a sound-deadening effect, making the ear net ideal for young and skittish horses in particular. The net is worn under the bridle and protects the horse’s ears from flies and noises.

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