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Are you looking for an Childéric Event Saddle?

Our Saddlery is every equestrian's go-to online expert for dressage saddles, jumping saddles, Event Saddles, and horse riding accessories. All our horse saddles, including the Childéric Event Saddles, are hand-crafted in France. The excellent Childéric Event Saddles featured a self-supporting tree system, providing excellent bearing stability, shock absorption, and comfort. With mounting adjustments, the saddle fits horses of all sizes and conforms to any body shape. The saddle is extra secure with a locking knee block and extra gripping calf support, perfect for any little equestrian. Perfect for this summer, our Childéric Event Saddles come in various colors, materials, and sizes. The saddle is available with various budget options. With Our Saddlery's commitment to excellent customer service, all our products come with a 5-year guarantee. Shop online for the perfect Childéric Event Saddles for the perfect equestrian experience.

What is a Childéric Event Saddles?

A Childéric Event Saddles is a type of saddle that was specifically designed for show jumping. It is crafted with panels that offer close contact with the horse's back and a low, deep seat that provides the rider with a secure, low center of gravity.

Childéric Event Saddles offer riders an excellent balance between performance and comfort. They are designed for both show jumping and eventing, giving riders unparalleled freedom of movement in the saddle. The reinforced tree ensures optimal stability and correct rider position during jumps. The seat has been designed with a forward cut, offering improved contact with the horse, while the square cantle locks the rider in. The flap length is short enough to provide a proper knee roll, while still being long enough to provide adequate thigh support. The calfskin panels add durability and a beautiful finish. With its short contact, security, control, and comfort, the Childéric Event Saddles are the perfect solution for all levels of show jumping and eventing.

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